BMW Advanced Car Eye In Car Camera (Front & Back)


Sales features / benefits:

– Has dicey situations in view: The highly sensitive Full HD camera automatically records critical driving situations, which could be evidence relevant to. The detailed Video is also automatically stored – so is the BMW Advanced Car Eye camera will always be a reliable eyewitness.

– Increased safety: The back view, by recording the rear view of the Vehicle, allowing a much better assessment the driving situation and therefore increased safety.

– On the start screen of the BMW split screen is displayed and allows simultaneous view of the front camera and the rear camera at a glance.

– Through various sensors of the light-sensitive camera, and the excellent signal processing are with the camera excellent shots possible during the day and at night. The driver makes this a very good view in dark conditions.

– The highly sensitive GPS receiver provides accurate Recording of the route and the speed traveled.

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Product Description

BMW Advanced Car Eye is a highly sensitive full-HD camera that allows critical driving and parking situations to be documented as detailed videos taken from the car’s perspective. Includes: front camera, optional rear view camera, GPS module, cable set for fixed installation and 32GB microSD card with USB adapter.

Benefits at a glance:
• Highly sensitive full-HD camera automatically records and
stores critical driving and parking situations in an events
• Allows driving situations to be assessed more accurately
and safely thanks to the recording of the area behind the
• Split screen display allows simultaneous viewing of front
and rear view camera with one look
• Excellent signal processing and various sensors on the
light-sensitive camera provide excellent vision in the dark
• Simple attachment

Scope of delivery
– Front camera
– Cable for fixed installation (on-board voltage)
– Rear camera with 8m cable
– GPS module
– 32 GB SD Card, Class MLC
– Micro SD-USB adapter
– Extra adhesive pad for front and rear camera
– Instructions
Set-up see EPC.
Technical information
– FHD (1,920 x 1080) progressive scan @ 30 fps
– Sensor 2.4M pixel 1/2, 9 ”
– Pixel size 2.8 x 2.8 to 1.911 mV (LUX-Sec)
– V Aperture 1.7; Field of view 120 °; 6-compartment glass lens
– Lens mount of zinc
– CPU Coretex-A8 @ 800 MHz
– Memory DDR2 256 MB
– LCD display, touch panel
– Power supply DC 12 V; Super-Cap 3.5 F, 5.4 V (emergency power supply)
– Operating temperature: -40 ° C to +80 ° C
– Storage temperature: -30 ° C to +80 ° C


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