Chemical Guys – BLITZ Spray Sealant – Bodyshield Sealant



  • Durable protection against the elements
  • Protects against UV solar rays
  • Spray sealant technology is quick and easy
  • Liquid acrylic polymers enhance shine
  • Prevents water spots and stains
  • Provides a slick wet finish Works on any color vehicle


Product Description

How it Works
If you are seeking a show-winning shine that’s quick and easy while providing ultimate protection, then Blitz Hi-Shine Acrylic Spray Sealant is the answer. BLITZ combines high shine acrylic glossing agents with an ultra durable hi-tech spray sealant that protects your vehicle while unleashing a shine that will make any color vehicle shimmer with excitement. The unique acrylic polymers designed into BLITZ are highly reflective, allowing your vehicle’s color to shine in the sun with a coating that truly brings the paint to life. The liquid shimmer characteristic is what makes BLITZ so popular among detailing professionals, enthusiasts, and automotive collectors around the world.


Advanced Spray Sealant
This advanced spray sealant allows for fast and easy application in any detailing situation. In just a matter of minutes, your vehicle’s finish can be protected and enhanced to a shine so bright everyone will be sure to stop and take notice when your car drives down the boulevard. The sealant technology creates a strong barrier that protects your vehicle’s finish from the harmful effects of daily driving. BLITZ repels water allowing rain drops to slide right off the paint for a smooth layer of protection that saves your paint from water spots. The tough barrier even protects your vehicle from airborne pollution and saves your paint from harmful UV Rays. Protecting and enhancing your vehicle’s finish has never been easier than using BLITZ.

Acrylic Shine
BLITZ works as well on paint as it does on chrome. Acrylic shine enhancing polymers – BLITZ is engineered using the most advanced shine enhancing polymers to bring your vehicle’s paint to life. The unique blend of liquid polymers and acrylic glossing agents bring a vibrant shine to any color. The gloss enhancing technology allows any light source to reflect off the vehicle’s finish with smooth clarity, grabbing the eyes of anyone that catches a glimpse of the vibrant color. Achieving the perfect show winning shine often take countless hours of detailing with a traditional wax or sealant. BLITZ Hi-Shine Acrylic Spray Sealant achieves that deep wet shine in a fraction of the time. The advanced formula bonds to the surface creating a layer that enhances the shine of your vehicle. BLITZ really brings the true vibrant shine back to any color paintwork.

Other Sizes Available
The BLITZ Acrylic Spray Sealant is also available in a gallon size.


Part Number WAC_117_16
UPC 816276010144
Size 16 ounces
Top Black top with sprayer included
Scent Coconut
UV block Yes
Form Liquid
Carnauba No
Sealant Yes
Hand application Yes
Machine application Yes
Safe for clear coat Yes
Safe for light color cars Yes
Safe for dark color cars Yes


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