Techron Concentrate Plus 12oz


Techron Concentrate Plus

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Techron Concentrate Plus

Whether protecting your new valuable investment, restoring your used car to its original performance, or simply helping keep your engine as clean as it can be, Techron Concentrate Plus delivers a number of unsurpassed benefits and one unique benefit – the ability to eliminate faulty fuel gauge readings.

Techron Concentrate Plus bottle

Capabilities Techron Concentrate Plus Leading Competitor
Cleans carburetors Yes Yes
Cleans fuel injectors Yes Yes
Cleans intake valves and ports Yes Yes
Cleans combustion chambers Yes No
Restores lost power and performance Yes Yes
Lowers emissions Yes Yes
Relieves cold startup problems Yes No
Reduces deposit-related engine knocking and pinging Yes No
Cleans sulfur deposits from gas gauge sensors Yes No
Protects against fuel system sulfur deposits Yes No
Protects gas gauge sensors from malfunctioning Yes No
Contains PEA chemistry Yes No


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