BMW F-Series M Performance Brake Kit


Genuine BMW F-Series M Performance Big Brake Kit with Painted Caliper.
Available in: Red/ Gold / Orange.

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Product Description

Brembo high-performance 4-piston aluminum fixed caliper on the front axle and 2-piston aluminum fixed caliper on the rear axle.

Available in M Performance Red, Yellow or Orange all with an M logo on the outside of the caliper.

Improved thermal resistance thanks to larger, internally-vented lightweightconstruction sports brake discs.

Cross-drilled and grooved brake discs also reduce water film build-up between the brake lining and the disc surface. Drilled and grooved, internally-vented lightweight brake discs with riveted aluminum hat measuring 370 x 30 mm (diameter x thickness) on the front axle and 345 x 24 mm on the rear axle (rear brake discs must be ordered separately)


  • The vehicle must be driven carefully for the first 500 KM after the brake system is installed. Once this break-in period is complete, the full effectiveness of the brake system can be realized.
  • Due to the design feature of drilled and grooved BMW lightweight-construction sports brake discs, function-related noise can occur during braking that has absolutely no impact on the stability of the brake discs.
  • A DSC retrofit encoding must be performed via ISTA/P after installation of the BMW M Performance sports brake system.
  • The BMW M Performance sports brake system is only approved in combination with at least 18″ aluminum wheels (including winter wheels)!



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